Great Chaos Interviews
GCI title screen
Title card (as seen in GCI: Mike Wagner)
Channel Renegade Media Group
Host Shawn Earls
Episodes 7
Run April 15, 2014 -
May 26, 2014
Status Discontinued
Playlist Great Chaos Interviews
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Great Chaos Interviews, also called The Great Chaos Podcast, is a short series on Renegade Media Group. It was hosted by Shawn Earls and consists of him briefly interviewing various icons at different conventions.

The series started on April 15, 2014, and the final episode on May 26, 2014. It was the first official series on the Renegades React channel.

Format Edit

GCI Mike Wagner

Shawn interviewing Mike Wagganer.

In all episodes (except the first), Shawn would sit on the left of the screen, and that episode's interviewee on the right. Shawn would often ask the interviewees about their job, life, history, upcoming projects, or otherwise general casual conversation. Shawn interviewed mostly actors and writers.

Episodes Edit

# Thumbnail Episode Interviewee Uploaded
1 Great Chaos Interviews Kevin Nash Great Chaos Interviews: Kevin Nash Professional wrestler Kevin Nash April 15, 2014
2 GCI Larry Mainland Great Chaos Interviews: Larry Mainland Actor Larry Mainland April 15, 2014
3 GCI Mike Wagner Great Chaos Interviews: Mike Wagner Artist, writer, and musician Mike Wagganer April 29, 2014
4 GCI Mike Holman Great Chaos Interviews: Mike Holman Actor Mike Holman May 7, 2014
5 GCI Stephen Semones Great Chaos Interviews: Stephen Semones Filmmaker, journalist, and writer Stephen J. Semones May 12, 2014
6 GCI Scott Tepperman Great Chaos Interviews: Scott Tepperman Ghost Hunters crew member Scott Tepperman May 19, 2014
7 GCI George Perez Great Chaos Interviews: George Perez Writer and comic book illustrator George Pérez May 26, 2014

Trivia Edit

  • The first two episode were released on the same day.